What is Qigong

mindful movement and balance

Qigong can be thought of as the Grandmother of Tai Chi - and it’s simpler to learn. Qigong is an ancient Chinese self-healing art composed of flowing movements that benefit both your mind and your body. You don't need any special equipment or particular clothing other than wearing something that you find comfortable and easy to move in. Aside from this, a willingness to learn and to get your body moving are the only requirements. 


There are several things about Qigong that I love and think you might too. Here are five favourites:

1. You can be proactive about your health, taking what you learn each week and practicing in the comfort of your own home.


2. Qigong is good for you both physically and mentally, working different areas of the body and helping to relieve stress and the emotional overloads of everyday life. 


3. You don't need to carve a lot of time out of your day to create a daily practice – as little as 15 minutes will do it.


4. Anyone can do it - you don't need to have athletic ability. You can do it seated, if necessary.


5. You are doing something that is excellent for balancing your mind, body and spirit - and it feels really good when you do it! 


If you want to see it in action - have a look at this short video by my teacher Sifu Anthony Korahais. In 97 seconds it does an excellent job of explaining Qigong and summing up some of the benefits that you may experience.

Why Qigong



An article in the University Health News reports on research into Qigong that shows it can significantly reduce the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue.  In the randomized trial, 154 patients aged 18-55 years who met the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention definition of chronic fatigue syndrome (unexplained chronic fatigue of at least six months duration plus multiple other chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms) were randomized to two groups. One group participated in qigong sessions twice weekly for five weeks, with each session...