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Meet Ettaline Hill

Shiatsu Therapist & Qigong Teacher

Hello. I’m Ettaline and this is my online home. 


Do you ever read articles about “becoming a better you” and wonder what that means? Has it occurred to you that you may already be pretty amazing? Do you really need to be a “better you” that fits someone else’s definition?  Or, perhaps, you just need to be more aware of what lies within you and recognise your own power and strength. 


I don’t want to make you a “better” version of yourself. What I want to do is help you to discover and feed some of those best parts of you that may be lying dormant, or hidden, or denied. I want to share the tools that will help you to ease stress and the physical, mental or emotional aches and pains of life. I want to help you have skills that can help you face the world more easily.


I’m often asked why I do what I do. It’s a question that’s easy for me to answer – I do it because both Shiatsu and Qigong have transformed my life and my health. I want to share that with you.


I offer shiatsu treatments in my therapy room in Mountsandel, Coleraine, and I offer Qigong classes in Coleraine, Portstewart and Castlerock. Contact me for more information. 


Why Shiatsu?

It can help with


Shiatsu helps stimulate healthy food passage by easing the stress stopping healthy digestion.

Improved Energy Flow

Shiatsu may improve the health of your whole body by positively affecting the body's internal energy system,

Stress Reduction

If you want to relieve your levels of stress, shiatsu massage can be a great choice.

Women's Health

Shiatsu can help support and address many of the issues that women experience as we go through life. Shiatsu can help to rebalance out the system which helps to alleviate many of these symptoms. 

Pain Relief

Shiatsu massage is known for helping with all kinds of pain

Relief of Anxiety

Anxiety can be incredibly debilitating, shiatsu may be a great therapeutic choice to help with anxiety.

Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic massage. I use it for people who have a wide range of health issues to try to help them find relief and solutions. It originated in Japan and is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the same as in acupuncture. It’s a different and incredibly powerful way of understanding how our bodies work. Shiatsu is used widely across Europe and the US and,

of course, in Japan.


Why Qigong?

It can help with

Improves Balance

Balance is a skill that we can learn, doing Qigong regularly can help as many of my students have found.

Improves Memory

The aerobic and meditative aspects of qigong gets blood, lymph and other body fluids moving, keeping a good supply of blood to the brain.


This gentle but sometimes demanding exercise improves your overall fitness levels.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Qigong can help to reduce blood pressure by increasing stamina, strengthening the heart, boosting circulation and lowering stress.


Research into Qigong shows it can significantly reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue.


We focus on how the body is feeling, where there is tension or just little kinks in the body and how to release them.

Qigong can be thought of as the Grandmother of Tai Chi - and it’s simpler to learn. Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing art composed of flowing movements that benefit both your mind and your body. You don't need any special equipment or particular clothing other than wearing something that you find comfortable and easy to move in. Aside from this, a willingness to learn and to

get your body moving are the only requirements. 



“At the age of 43 I seemed to be blighted with extensive back pain. First thing in the mornings I wasn’t able to either bend over to wash my face or even get dressed without suffering severe nerve pain in the lower back. A combination of Shiatsu treatments and exercise helped restore a good level of mobility. It’s now several months after the few treatments I had and I now feel no pain at all.”

— James

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